Juvenal (ROME)



  • Elite Roman woman
  • The wife of a senator who went off with a gladiator to Pharos
  • Criticised for forgetting and showing no concern for her homeland, husband, her children and her sister
  • Claims that the only thing she saw in the gladiator was his title and it was his title he was in love with not him which is why she was able to disregard his deformity and being dubbed a "gladiatrix" 
  • Makes the contrast between when women have to undertake a journey with their husbands (they're fearful and claim sea-sickness) and when they undertake a voyage with their lovers (they're courageous)


  • When he sleeps she go to the brothel and works as a prostitute assuming the name Lycisa then goes back to bed with her husband at the end of the night 
  • Although there were rumours that the emperors wife had many lovers this exagerated rendition probably wasn't true
  • Juvenal wanted to prove that all women, even "god's rival" the emperors wife, were sexual deviant
  • Juvenal then lists stereotypically idealised


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