just a couple of helpful points - themes from 'View From a Bridge'

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Justice and law

Alfieri- omniscient lawyer

  • different laws, different countries "In my country he'd be dead by now"
  • importance of names - Mc Carthy trials (where thousands of Americans were accused of being Communist, and became subject of aggressive investigations)
  • Alfieri's logic causes tension - "theres no recourse in the law, eddie"
  • irony of getting back where they came from


  • Eddie's tragic flaw- "too much love"
  • forbidden love, "it's tough to love a doll that's not your own"
  • "don't break my heart" Eddie -> Catherine
  • possesion, "my B"
  • "you want something else Eddie, and you can't have her" Beatrice


  • "you think i'm jealous of you honey"


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