Just War and Pacifism


Just War and Pacifism:
Just war:

This is the idea of evaluating whether or not you should go into a war. Firstly you need to asses JUS AD BELLUM this means looking at the reasoning for going to war. This means that there must be a Just Cause (These come in the forms of: Self-defence from an invasion, assassination of a prominent person, attack on nation honor, attack on state religion, economic attack, attack on a neighbour or an ally, preemptive strike, but also to assist a friendly nation, to enter a place where human rights are being violated and to punish an act of aggression.). If there is a just cause then they can start a just war. Secondly they would need to consider JUS IN BELLO this is the idea of what they do in the war, things like the equipment that they use, this means that they can not do certain things and they will not be able to do certain things (these are things such as not using chemical weapons, not using something like napalm, treating civilians and POWs well).

Aquinas used to look at the Just Intention. This does not only look at the war but it also looks at the conscience.

JUS AD BELLUM this concerns the justice of the original reasoning of going to war.

JUS IN BELLO This is looking into the conduct of the war, what they do when they are in it and therefore this will be what they do, what they use and how they act when


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