Jurisdictions and offences

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Jurisdiction of magistrates 

-cases heard by three magistrates and one district judge 

-try try all summary offences 

- take upon triable either way offences-where magistrate is prepared to accept the jurisdiction and the defendent agrees for summary trial to be taken in magistrates 

- also deals with preliminary hearings of triable either way cases 

- dealing with preliminary hearings of all indictable offences 

- Deals with all side matters connected with the criminal case, also issuing warrants for arrests and bail appplications 

- try cases in youth court which defendent is 10-17 

Liminited sentences can be imposed by magistrates 

-  6 months for one summary offences 

-12 months for many offences 

- £5000 maximum fine and custodial sentence 

Jurisdiction of the county court 

- triable either way offences where the defendent has elected to be tried in crown court or magistrates decided that the matter is too serious 

- deals with all indictable offences 

- appeals from magistrates court 

- if defendent pleads guilty…


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