juries notes

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juries notes

  • 12 peole sit on a jury
  • the juries act contains the qualifications as amended by the criminal justice act 2003
  • aged between 18-70, registered on the electoral register and lived in the uk, channel islands or the isle of man for at least 5 years since since thier 13 birthday
  • cannot do jury service if mentally disordered person or disqualified from jury service
  • if recive prision sentence of 5 years or more then permanently disqualified from service
  • if recieved and comuinity sentence or a short custodial sentence then disqualified for 10 years
  • they will be deffered if they have exams, prebooked holiday, childcare, business comitments, family wedding, hospital oppointment- to a lter date within the next 12 months of the original summons
  • inelibible if they are mentally handicapped and psychopathic…


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