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An element of lay people - ordinary people.


Juries Act 1974 - aged 18-70, on electoral roll and been a resident of the UK for 5 years since the age of 13. 

Ineligible if suffering from a metal disorder as defined in the Criminal Justice Act 2003

Disqualification - conviction 5 years plus, or on bail.

excused - Hm forces, served on jury duty in last two years

place may be deferred if you have a good reason such as student taking exams, buisness commitments

lack of capacity - a judge can discharge a person if they are blind or deaf(would need an sign language person) or cannot understand English properly.

Attendance is compulsory unless disharged a person may be fined up to £1000 for non attendance

Selection process

Hundreds of names will be randomly selected off the electoral roll by a computer at a central office. Those summoned must then notify the courts if there is any reason as to why they cannot attend, those left will then have to present themselves at court for usually two weeks. 

Once a potential jury is known the prosecution and defence are allowed to see the list and may decide to do some vetting of the potential jury. Vetting is done to make sure the defendant recieves a fair trial and was…


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