Judaism is a monotheist religion, meaning they only believe in 1 G-d.

Jewish beliefs in:



-All-powerful (omnipotent)


-An agreement to be Jewish

-G-d separated the Jews from everyone else

-God made the covernant 

-God told everyone to be cirumcised (the covenant made with Abraham)


-it is the word of God

-God made the Torah, who made the covernant

-Jews promise they will follow every rule in the Torah

-Torah means law

-Jews may never break their law

-First 5 books (Genesis, exdous, lerticus, numbers, deuterronomy).

Reform Judaism:

-Men and women can sit together in reform synagogues.

-It started doing sermons in the language spoken in each country (E.g. English in England)

-In the USA, it accepts homosexual relationships

-It began with people who wanted a change in Jewish life

They believe there is not 1 law or belief

Conservative Judaism:

-They believe that the Torah was given by G-d but not necessarily at one time at Sinai.

-They should all return to Israel as it is the centre of its faith

-You have to speak Hebrew and the only time you dont is during a prayer

-All jews are jews, united worldwide

-The Torah is sarced but not as sacred as how Orthodox jews follow it

- The study of Judaism and the Torah should be studied in a modern day view

-Jewish life by Jewish law

Synagogue key words:

Bimah- The platform in the synagogue. Hebrew for high place

Tallit- Prayer shawl worn by jewish men and boys. Hebrew for cover

Ark- Where the Torah scrolls are kept

Rabbi- A teacher of the law. Hebrew for my master

Yad- Used to read the Torah. Hebrew for hand

Kippah- Skull cap. Jewish men and boys wear whilst praying all day. Hebrew for dome

Siddur- Jewish prayer book. Set order of daily prayers. Hebrew for order

Chumash- Printed form of the Torah. Hebrew for five or a fifth

Channukah- Feast which celebtares the re-dedication of the Temple. Lasts for 8 days. Hebrew for dedication or consecration

Ner Tamid- Lamp which burns in Jewish synagogues. Hebrew for eternal flame or eternal light

Siferi Torah- Torah scrolls. Handwritten copy of the Torah. Must meet high standards

Chazzan- Jewish musician that helps lead congregation. Hebrew for vision

Synagogue- Jewish place of worship. Hebrew for place of assembley 

Rimonium- SIlver ordiments found decorating the Torah scrolls

Shabbat- Saturday, day of rest. Hebrew for to end or to rest

Tzitzit- The tassels on the tallit. There are 613 of them to remind jews of the rules they must follow

Menorah- 7 branched candlestick like the one in Jerusalem

Chosen- Breastplate worn by high priests of the Israelites

G-d as the creator:

-Jews believe that G-d is the creator of the universe

-Jews believe this story is told in the first book of the Bible, Genesis

Day 1: G-d


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