Journey's End - Stanhope

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Stanhope is Captain of C Company. He is loyal to his men, and has seen many horrors of the war.

Some words that might describe Stanhope are;

  • strict
  • dutiful
  • brave
  • drunken
  • unstable
  • experienced
  • hardened
  • broken

We can tell that he is strict because of the way he shouts at the slightest provocation, and doesn't use manners when commanding orders.

Quotes to support this include;

  • "D'you understand an order?" p.48, Stanhope to Raleigh
  • "Well - shut up!" p.81, Stanhope to Trotter

Stanhope's dutiful nature is shown when he is talking to the Colonel about the raid. This is shown by the quote "You want…


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