Jewish Rituals

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Rituals- celebrating and marking important stages of life - known as rights of passage

Important because they help both person going through the ritual and the wider community hosting the ritual to come to terms with the changes. 

Birth ceremonies - children are a great blessing. First mitzvah "Be fruitful and increase in number"


  • Circumcised 8 days after birth (Brit Milah) - take place in hospital, home or synagogue. 10 adults males present to make a minyan. Mother Brings baby in and hands him to the kvatters (bearers). They carry child to the sandek (holds child for procedure). Ritual carried out and then a blessing is made. Celebratory meal to welcome child into covenant. 
  • Circumcision is a mitzvah whch marks entry of jewish males into Covenant.
  • Tenakah gives no reason other than to fufil God's command.
  • Halakhah makes clear that any male child born jewish, but not circumcised is still a Jew.


  • Special naming ceremony in synangogue on Shabbat following birth.
  • Rabbi blesses child and there is a celebratory meal. 
  • Rabbi names child over wine.
  • Known as Brit Bat

Marriage ceremonies

  • Expected to marry and have children
  • Regarded essential for people to become complete


  • obey mitzvah and have children
  • man and women to share a life of love and companionship
  • man and women to share sex with eachother in the way God intended
  • establish a jewish home so that the children can be brought up as jews and…


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