Jewish Beliefs

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Judaism is a monothistic religion.

Reform Jews:

  • Allow people to live a contemportary lifestyle in modern socity.
  • Allow to marry other religions.
  • Don't believe Torah was written by God. They think they were given on tablet of stones. 
  • Relaxed practised and fits with socity.
  • Individual praying and convosations allowed in service.
  • Englished used in the service.
  • Women can lead service and become a rabbi.

Orthadox Jews:

  • Very strict.
  • Manty rulues to follow.
  • No driving on a saturday.
  • Women are seperated from men in service. 
  • Don't except reform Jews.
  • Prey and rituals.
  • Women do not practise all rituals.
  • Strict dress code and dietary laws.
  • They always wership in hebrew.

Jewish scriptures:

The Jewish scripture are also known as the Tenakh. It is made up of:

  • Torah (the 5 books of Moses)
  • Nevi'im (the prophets)
  • Ketuvim (the writings)


You can't make idols of him- this is so God is not misinturprited and they can understand God because he is too amazing to make an image of him.

He is the creator- he created everything, he created man from earth's dust, he was happy with everything he created and he gave the earth to humans.

Oneness- this is the most important charicteristic of God, he is always


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