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Life at the time of Jesus

The Sadducees

  • Small but powerful(PERSIL!!) and wealthy Jewish group.
  • Many were priests and they dominated the Sanhedrin,the Jewish Council.
  • The high priest were chosen from there families
  • Worked WITH the Romans and didn't want to upset them because they gave them power.

The Zealots

  • Small and dangerous who hated being ruled by the Romans and refused to pay them taxes
  • Romans thought them as terrorists
  • Secret movement who wanted a Messiah to lead them into battle

The Pharisees

  • Group of Jews and were proud of their devotion in Judaism
  • Were teachers of the law and were respected coz v.religous and devout
  • Disliked Roman rule but didn't believe in violence
  • They hoped for a Messiah to rule them when people had been to taught to live better lives

What Jews believed about the Messiah

  • Looked forward to a time where God would send a great leader to help them called a Messiah(means chosen by God for a special task)
  • Expected Messiah to be a descendant of King David
  • Was expected to lead the Jews into battle against Romans and establish God's rule on earth.
  • Others thought they would be a religious teacher or healer instead

The Birth of Jesus

Luke's Version!!

  • M and J went to Bethlehem to be counted for census
  • Jesus was born and put in feeding trough because the inns were full
  • Angels appeared to shepherds and told them to visit the baby who will be a saviour
  • Shepherds visited M and J and told them about Angels.
  • Shepherds returned to field and M thought about everything that happened.(Great story -_- )

Matthew's Version

  • M…




in the part where you talk about Jesus' temptations from the Devil, does he give into any of these? What happens?

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