Jessie Cameron by Rossetti

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  • stronger character- title name- voice of male- direct speech- not demonstrating power- feeble
  • unrequited love- but tragedy- sense of impending disaster- desperation
  • in media res- starting in middle of action
  • personification of nature- setting- proleptic hint
  • repetition of direct speech- not first incident- continuous occasion- intimidating
  • epitaph/obituary- foreshadowing of death
  • not representative of victorian era
  • narrator flippant- agrees or disagrees with Jessie's attitude- ambivalent representation of character
  • Jessie's voice- asserts dominance- monosyllabic adjectives- independent
  • internal rhyme- sibilance- 'moan'- 'foam'- 'stretch of sand'
  • 'almost'- danger coming- almost home- so close but will never reach it
  • like Maude Clare- 'strove'- will end in unhappiness
  • young woman of independence- feels she has no choice- emasculation- careless and outspoken- opposite- strong- standing outside social class- possible reflection of Rossetti
  • 'they two alone'- short- rhythm broken- no-one will know what happens
  • foreshadow of what boy might do
  • 'too proud'- hubris of…


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