Jericho and Neolithic farming

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  • Located in modern day Palestine.
  • It is an oasis 250 meters below sea level. 
  • It is thought that the population numbered about 2,000 inhabitants. 

Natufian Culture

  • Dates to roughly 10,500-8,500BC.
  • There is a large walled settlement.
  • There is evidence that there was already settled village life here before domestication. 
  • Farming is thought to have begun here before the invention of pottery.
  • This culture can be split into Pre-pottery Neolithic which is then split in PPNA and PPNB


  • This dates to 8,500-7,300 BC
  • They lived with a combination of farming, animal herding, hunting and gathering wild plants.
  • They manipulated plants and animals causing changes in the size of the wild species which then leads to the suggestion of the start of domestication. 
  • Found here during this period were several species of wheat, barley and lentils.
  • A stone wall and a large ditch which was cut into bedrock surrounded the 4 hectare settlement.
  • The stone wall was 3.6m high and had a tower as well. It was originally thought to…


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