Jekyll and Hyde short quotes revision

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Jekyll and Hyde revision

How to structure your answers:

Opinion/answer ->Textual reference/quotes -> Effect of language ->Effect on reader -> Writers Intentions -> Influence of context (if needed)


  • Duality of human nature
  • Friendship/curiosity - drives the plot forward
  • Science and the unexplained
  • Religion
  • Reputation/appearance - Victorian values
  • Hypocrisy
  • Silence/secrecy – refusal to reveal? Cannot reveal? – Blackmail, shock etc.
  • Urban terror – link between Victorian London and horrors
  • Darwinism/devolution
  • Suppression - Violence
  • Beast within man (innate evil)
  • Good vs. evil

Other things:

  • Gothic novel: MODERN
  • No reader distance from the horrors - FEAR
  • Draw on science rather than superstition - MORE BELIEVABLE - FEAR
  • Draw on the possible rather than the absurd (monsters) - TRUE FEAR
  • Emphasis on horror IN us/rather than in a distant place (externally) 
  • Stevenson uses a lot of PATHETIC FALLACY to signal to the reader that something bad is going to happen. (a horror movie isn't complete without thunder and lightning)
  • Stevenson makes the chapters and the way the reader is placed very confusing DELIBERATELY.

Some important quotes:

Setting (There is a great use of PATHETIC FALLACY)

  • "a certain sinister block of building thrust forward its gable on the street" - SETTING/PATHETIC FALLACY/HYDE
  • "a large, low-roofed, comfortable hall, paved with flags, warmed (after the fashion of a country house) by a bright, open fire" - SETTING/PATHETIC FALLACY/JEKYLL/DUALITY
  • "once crowded with eager students and now lying gaunt and bare" -  SETTING/PATHETIC FALLACY
  • "the fog still slept on the wing above the drowned city" - SETTING/PATHETIC FALLACY
  • "A great chocolate-coloured pall lowered over heaven" - SETTING/PATHETIC FALLACY/RELIGION
  • "the door which was equipped with neither bell nor knocker, was blistered and distained." - SETTING/PATHETIC FALLACY/HYDE/SECRETS
  • "three dusty windows barred with iron" - SETTING/PATHETIC FALLACY/SECRECY
  • "the fog lifted a little and showed him a dingy street, a gin palace" - SETTING/PATHETIC FALLACY/DUALITY/HYDE
  • "the door of this, which wore a great air of wealth and comfort, though it was now plunged into darkness" - SETTING/PATHETIC FALLACY/JEKYLL/DUALITY
  • "I was coming home from some place at the end of the world, about three o'clock of a black winter morning" -  REPUTATION/SECRETS/SETTING/DUALITY


  • “No gentleman but wishes to avoid a scene…name your figure”
  • “if your master has fled or is dead, we may at least save his credit”
  • “men before hired bravos to transact their crimes”
  • Jekyll = “a man who could afford to laugh at suspicion”
  • Utterson meant to be “last good influence of downgoing men” - DOESN’T HELP JEKYLL


  • Lanyon: “Such unscientific balderdash” - contrasting views yet an “inseparable friend” seen as “hidebound pedant”
  • “transcendental medicine” - the science of the supernatural


  • "Pious work…annotated with startling blasphemies”
  • Hyde is “staggering the unbelief of Satan”
  • “read the signature of Satan”
  • Jekyll:
  • “fond of the respect of the wise”
  • “such irregularities as I was guilty of…hid them with sense of shame”
  • “I felt younger, lighter happier”
  • “shook the doors of the prison house of my disposition”
  • “***** off these lendings, and spring into a sea of liberty”
  • “greedy gusto"


  • “my…




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