Jeckyll and Hyde Section 1- Background and context


Section 1- Background and context

The Victorian Gentlemen- The Victorian period is time of great social change, with new a middle class who owned their wealth and power to success in Buisness rather than through being a member of the aristocracy. This led to debates anout whether you could only be a 'gentlemen' by birth, or whether you could become one by behaving a certain way.

Key points for Victorian gentlemen

  • Important figure
  • Upper class
  • Strong morals
  • Respected

Gentlemen were obsessed with their reputations

With out a good reputation gentlemen was no gentlemen at all. Gentlemen often walked through public places to help them keep up there apperance as gentlemen. Utterson often went on these walks with Mr enfiled regulary.

Themes-  Utterson wants to find out the truth about Hyde but is worried it might damage Jekylls reputation.

Theme- Dual Nature of Man- Jeckyll strucles


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