Jazz notes 1910-1950


Pre/early 1910


This era of jazz was called ragtime,

A main musician who influenced this heavily was called Scott Joplin

With his Stride piano style. (this was used throughout the jazz period but mainly in the development of early jazz from 1910-1930)

Scott Joplin was one of the first jazz musicians and one of the first who brought about ragtime.

Famous works of Scott Joplin - The Entertainer and Maple Leaf Rag (examples of the stride piano style)

Typical instruments of ragtime - piano, drums and banjo.

Features of ragtime - Syncopated rhythms in the right hand




Main style of jazz was Dixieland Jazz

An example of dixieland jazz is Livery stable blues from ‘ The Original Dixieland Jazz Band’. Other dixieland musicians include Joe Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton.

Dixieland features - All front line instruments do their own thing and improvise with no leading melody.

Instruments of Dixieland Jazz - small drum kit, piano, clarinet, trombone and cornet




Introduction of Swing and began to develop, 12 bar blues was also used along with 32 bar song.

Musicians in this period. Louis Armstrong (piece - West End Blues)


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