Jack London: from captain of pirates to literary genius. Four facts about a famous writer


Biographies of this man can be envied: adventure, travel and danger. Almost all of Jack London's characters are written off from real people, and his own life is worth a novel. Several interesting facts about the author of "Martin Eden" and "White Fang".

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He caused the drama before he was born

When William Chaney, London's father, found out he was having a baby, he decided to persuade his civilian wife to have an abortion at all costs. She refused, but was so desperate, she shot herself. It all turned out: Flora Wellman was only slightly injured, gave birth to a healthy baby, and later married John London, who gave the boy his last name. And only Cheney, whose name was disgraced (Flora's suicide attempt was hirewriters), tried to forget about this story forever.

At the age of fifteen, he was proudly nicknamed "king of the pirates"

And it's not just a beautiful turn! When he was a teenager, Jack London bought a used schooner who was illegally fishing oysters. Of course, he wasn't the only one who tried his best during the economic crisis. However, reckless and…


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