IT - Unit 6

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Characteristics of Presentation Software

Lesson 1

Character- This is any letter, number or symbol used in a document.

Paragraph- This is a section of text, usually made up from a number of sentances. It may be pre-defined by the house style.

Section- This is a portion of a document in which page-formatting options can be set. A new section can be created when properties such as line numbering, number of columns, or headers and footers need to be changed.

Frames- This is a n area of a page that can contain text or graphics. They can be positioned anywhere on the page.

Headers and Footers- A header is text which appears in the top margin of the document on every page. A footer is text which appears in the bottom margin of the page, and this is also on every page.

Footnotes- These are used to briefly explain a word or phrase without including the explanation in the body of the text.

Lesson 2 

Mail Merge- This technique enables the user to write just one document which they can use as a template. Then they can take data such as names and addresses from a data source and merge it to the template.


- Documents are produced very quickly.

- Only one copy of the document needs to be proof read.

- The data source can be used for many different mail merge processes.

- The standard letter/template can be saved and reused.

-If a change needs to be done it only has to be carried out once.

Key words:

Main document- this is the document that has been created that you want to merge with a data source.

Data source- this is the database or spreadsheet that contains the data that you want to merge into the main document.

Form letter- this is the document when the merge fields from your data source are inputted into the letter (e.g. <<Forename>>).

Word fields- this is an instructino that can be added to a mail merge document. E.g. NEXT RECORD. This is different to a merge field as it is not taking data from the data source.

Lesson 3

Formatting Documents.

Word-processing packages have many other features that can help users format the documents being produced to exactly meet their needs.

This includes:

Page size- The size of the page (A1/A4).

Page margins- The margins are the unprintable area on the screen. These can be changed.

Text alignment- Text can be left, right, centered or fully justified.

Page orientation- Landscape or Portrait.

Lesson 4

Clip Art- This is a collection of ready-made small artwork images that is often provided with the software. They can be edited or used as they are. 


- Images are readily avaliable/avaliable immediately.

- The use of clip are can reduce the cost of the design process.

- Extra equipment such as scanners dont have ot be purchased (scanners etc).


- Limited choice of images.

- Image qulaity varies from very poor to good.


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