'it is not possible to believe in God as a creator and accept the theory of Evolution' asses this view.

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Many would agree with the statement 'its not possible to belive in God and accept the theory of Evolution' for a number of reasons. Evolution is a random, ongoing process of animals and plants adapting and changing to suit their environment, this clearly conflicts with the biblical account of creation which states that God created the earth in six days, creating all animals and humans in that time. Fundamental Christians would reject evolution as it conflicts with the Bible, which they believe is literal truth, evolution is not mentioned in the bible, God created the world and everything in it in six days and his creations were all at their final form. The evolutionary process is Red in tooth and claw, species fight for survival and whole species die out due to their lack of abiltiy to evolve, this conflicts with the traditional idea of God, who is meant to be omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent, if God is any of these things, he would have either known and prevented species from dying out or been able to interfier and change or help them survive, and if he could but chose not to then he is not a God worth worshipping.
Young Earth Creationists completley reject evolution and believe that the universe was created in six 24-hour days, just like it says in the bible, they believe the Earth is 6000 years old, they dated it using Bible records, evolution is meant to have taken place over several million years, so there is major conflict between what old earth creationists believe and what evolution states.
Many Scientists would agree


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