Clinical Characteristics of Schizophrenia

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Clinical Characteristics of Schizophrenia

There are two catagories of symptoms, these are postive and negative.

Postitive symptoms are additions to a person's normal fuctioning and include:



Disorganised Thinking

Disorganised thinking

Catatonic Motor Behavior

Hallutionations can occur in any sensory modality and form an exess of information which is not there. Most common is auditary halluctinations such as hearing voices. 

Delusions are the erronious beliefs that usually involve a misinterpritation of experiences. There are several types of the delusions such as;

Persecutory - these where the person beleives they are being either going to the harmed or are being harmed by another person.

Referential - these are where they beleive that unrelated events are related and are directed at them.

Gandiosity - these are delusions where the person believes they are more inmportant than they are such as beleiving they are famous and wealthy.

Disorganised Thinking is the feeling that thoughts have been instered or removed from a persons mind. However this can not be directly obsereved so is seen though disorganised speech which can present itself in several ways;

Derailment - This is where the person talking says many unrelated or tenuosly related things one after an other, an example would be, I like chips, its very hot in here, I went to London in the summer once.

Word salad - This is when the person tries to communicate ideas however the language that they…


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