Issues of gender bias

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1.) Gender Sterotypes:

  • Jackson- Girls are better verbally than boy. Boy are better visually than girls.
  • Bandura- Social Learning Theory- Boys are more aggressive than girls.

Alpha Bias:

  • Exaggrating the difference between the sexes- More common in Western Cultures
  • Freud's Psychosexual Development Stages- Girls don't indentify as strongly with their mother as boys due with their father during the phallic stage. Contradicting evidence suggests that the behaviour between boys and girls differs slightly.
  • Mental Illnesses- Women are more likely to be diagnosised with depression whereas men are more likely to be diagnoised with anti-social behaviour/aggression. There are also biological factors suggesting that one gender is more vunerable to developing a certain mental illness than the other.
  • Moral Development- Unusually favours females, suggesting…


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