Issues & debates - Biological


Ethical issues in using animals - animals have similar but simpler central nervous system so it's easier to see what is happening, possible to control the environment e.g. raised in isolation to avoid socialisation effects - not possible with humans, can conduct invasive procedures, argued to be a form of speciesism 

Ethical issues in researching aggression with humans - pps should leave the study in the same state in which they started - can be argued that undergoing a brain scan leaves you with knowledge that changes how you view yourself, scanning techniques are not without cost to pp

Reductionism - scans can tell which part of the brain is active when we perform an action but it cannot tell us what motivates us to perform that action, some theories suggest that behaviour can be reduced to chemicals in specific brain areas e.g Raine - neglect factors that interact with each other 

Socially sensitive research - Raine's research…


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