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I - some - er- ism.

Isomers are different compounds that have the same molecular formula. There are many different types of isomers.

Structrual Isomerism.

Structural Isomers are compounds with the same molecular formula, but different structural formulae. Structural isomers can also be split into three categories.

1. Carbon chain isomerism. in carbon chain isomerism, the difference is the length of the carbon chain.

2. positional isomerism. positional isomers have the same functional group, but in different locations on the carbon chain.

3. functional group isomerism. the isomers are members of different homologous series, and so have different functional groups.


stereoisomers are compounds with the same structural formu lee,  but have the atoms arranged differently in space. there are two different types of stereo-isom-er-ism.

1. geometric isomerism. in organic chemistry, this is caused by the prescence of a functional group that restricts rotation, for example a carbon double bond. this is because a carbon double bond consists of a sigma bond, which lies along the axis between the two carbon atoms, and a pi bond which is above and below the axis. this means that rotation cannot occur.

2. optical isomerism. compounds that show optical i some er ism do not have a plane, axis or centre of symmetry.they are said to be chiral (ki - rul). such compounds have two isomers, which are mirror…




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