Islamic Festivals


Islamic Festivals:

Id Ul-Adha:

  • Id ul-Adha is a festival celebrating complete obedience to Allah, as it commemorates the time when Ibrahim nearly sacrificed his own son, Isma'il. Id ul-Adha forms part of Hajj. Muslims should attend mosque on Id ul-Adha - the service includes communal prayers and a sermon focused on obedience to Allah. An animal is often sacrificed and divided into thirds. A third is kept by the family, one third goes to relatives or neighbours and the final third goes to the poor. Id ul-Adha is a time of communal joy and lasts up to 4 days long. Muslims dress in their best clothes, spend time with friends and family and usually exchange gifts.

Id ul-Fitr:

  • Id ul-Fitr is at the end of Ramadan. It's the day of thanksgiving to Allah for giving Muslims the strength to fast for a month. It's a joyful festival which also celebrates the fact that Muslims have completed the fourth pillar of Islam be observing sawm, and therefore have become closer to Allah. Muslims pay a special zakah for Id ul-Fitr. Usually around £5, it helps Muslims who are


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