Islam - The Mosque

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The Mosque

a.) Outline the features of a typical Mosque. (8)

In a typical Mosque there will be a mihrab. This is an alcove in the wall which allows the Imam's voice to be amplified across the Mosque. Also this indicates the direction for prayer, the Qiblah. Muslims pray to Makkah, and the mihrab allows them to know the correct direction.

There is usually a form of decoration above the mihrab. This decoration is usually sacred patterns or passages from the Qur'an. Muslims believe this shows Allah has no beginning and no end.

There will also be a minbar. This is an essential item of the Mosque, as well as the only piece of furniture in the Mosque. This is a set of three steps which raises the Imam when preaching the Friday midday sermon. This allows the Imam to be seen and heard by those in the Mosque. The Imam sits on the lower steps because the top steps are saved for Muhammad's return.

There is a prayer hall which is a long space for Muslim men to gather and pray. This stops women and men being in the same prayer hall. Men take priority because it is expected that more men will regularly attend the Mosque than women.

There is also a women's worship area where women can prostrate themselves. Women do not have to attend. The separation of men and women…


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