Islam - Religion in the Family & Community

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a.) Describe the events which take place when a Muslim baby is born. (8)

When a child is born in a Muslim family, various rituals are carried out.

The call to prayer is whispered into the child's ear. The call to prayer should be the first thing a Muslim hears. The father (or another family member) says the call to prayer in the child's ear. 'Adhan' (call to prayer) in the right ear; 'Iqaqah' (call that prayer is about to start) is said in the left ear. This introduces the child to the practice of the religion at the earliest possible opportunity. Children who die automatically go to heaven because they are Muslim and have not yet sinned.

The Aqiqah ceremony takes place usually when the child is about one week old. Passages from the Qur'an are quoted. The baby's head is shaven and the hair is weighed. Gold of equal weight to…


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