ISA: Investigate the length of cells in plant tissue

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Using clear nail varmish to make impressions of plant leaves

Leaves, the photosynthetic part of a plants

Cells are packed with chloroplasts- which convert CO2 and water into glucose, using sunlight. Oxygen is produces as a waste product.


  • On the bottom side of a leaf contain openings, the stomata. The stoma ca be opened and closed by the expanding and contracting action of the 2 guard cells. 
  • The stomata open during the day to allow movement of gases i ad out of the leaves. At night, the stomata is closed to minimize water loss when photosynthesis is not taking place.
  • In an experiment the stomata and associated guard cells can be made visible in several ways:
    • Thin leaves can be placed directly on the slide for observations. The light intensity must be sufficiently high to pass through the leaf. The distinctive shape of the stomata and guard cells can then be seen, but the quality of the image is naturally not


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