ISA2 Preparation - Rates of Reaction

1) Hypothesis:

  • 1) Do your results support your hypothesis? 2) What is the pattern of your results? You must connect the independent and dependent variables "my results showed that the higher the ___, the less the ___." 3) Include examples from your results.

2) Anomalies:

  • Have you got any anomalous results, this links to how close your points lie to the line of best fit. Identify if you have any anomalies, explain why you know you have or haven't and give examples (even if you do not have any anomalies!).

3) Range:

  • What was the range of your independent variable? Was this a suitable range? A good range allows you to see a pattern. State your independent variable, what its range is (highest and lowest values) and explain if this is suitable.

4) Errors - the perfect experiment?

  • Here are three different…




So helpful. Thank you!

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