Is wealth wrong? (12 marks)

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Is wealth wrong? 

Generally speaking, many Christians believe that wealth on its own is not a bad thing, unless it becomes an obsession in life. Wealth is neutral; it is more about the intention behind its use and how it is viewed. Many Christians believe that money should not be the main priority in life, such as taking care of the poor and helping 'your neighbour' are. However, many Christians would say that striving for money creates greed and envy, leading believers to behave in a less than Christian manner. In this view, wealth should be managed with care, as it is a temptation

Many Christians consider the concept of stewardship when thinking about wealth. These Christians believe that, ultimately, all things belong to God, so money should be shared out, rather than treated as if it belongs to one person. In this way of thinking, nobody's money is their own. These Christians would support their beliefs by mentioning the Bible, particularly Genesis, which says that God made us all in His image (Genesis 1: "God created them in His image; male and female he created them"). They would say that because we share the same creator and the same planet, we have to share out the natural resources equally, as they are a gift from God to everyone. Therefore, these Christians would be against wealth, as it powers greed and materialism, which Christianity is against. Also, these Christians would look to the Bible to find answers to their questions, and would use Bible quotes such as Matthew 6:24 to support their beliefs: "No one can serve two masters. You cannot serve both God and money". This quote would lead such Christians to view love for money as interference with God, and would be against wealth. 

Other Christians woud argue that wealth is not a bad thing if you've earned it through hard work, and you are good at your job. For example, Roman Catholics believe that is is part of our nature to work, and everything…


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