Is there 'Liberal Consensus' in Britain?

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There is liberal consensus : 

All 3 main parties now accept a free market economy with relatively little state inteference in economy, business and commerce. This represents the victory of the neo - liberal ideas. All main parties are neo-liberal in that they support free market capitalism.

There is a great emphasis placed in the freedom of rights for individuals and minorities. All main parties support some kind of enforceable bill of rights. 

All parties support an inclusive and tolerant society where a variety of cultures, groups, beliefs and lifestyles should be allowed to flourish and be granted a whole range of opportunities. 

The 3 parties support policies directed at greater social justice of one kind or another.

Welfare is seen as a modern liberal idea and all three parties accept the  need for a welfare state and support the idea…




What ideas about being 'Irish' does "The Fisherman" explore? And what other poems explore the same idea, in the same or different ways?


You need 3-4 strong ideas to base your argument on.

Start with The Fisherman, then add a second poem halfway through and a third three-quarters of the way through.

Don’t forget to include quotes and language analysis.

Don’t forget to refer to context (make it part of your analysis rather than a separate item).

Poems to consider using: ‘September 1913’; ‘Easter 1916’; ‘In memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markiewicz’; ‘An Irish Airman foresees his death’. 

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