Is it fair

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Is it Fair – Revision notes

Justice – When people are treated in a fair way like being allowed free speech

Injustice – When people are treated unfairly, like being locked up without fair trial

Discrimination – This is putting prejudice into action treating some groups better or worse on the basis of something like gender or race

Oppression – This is when people are put down, perhaps imprisoned or tortured because of their religion or beliefs

Wealth – What people own, or the savings they have

Poverty – This means lacking some of the basic necessities for survival like food, drink or clothing

Opportunity – Peoples chances in life e.g. education or jobs

Authority – The power or influence that someone or something has

Protest – To complain, or fight back against something

Responsibility – To carry out our duties and do what is expected of us

Duty – What we are expected to do, e.g. parents should care for their children

Rights – Things that people think we are entitled to

Zakah – This is the third pillar of Islam which means giving charity and helping the poor

Racism – When people are treated unfairly on the basis of their sex

Ageism – When someone is treated unfairly on the basis of their age

Equality – When people are given fair chances and opportunities

Inequality – When people are not given a fair chance

Charity – This involves giving to others who may be poor or less fortunate

Why are people prejudiced?

Pride and envy

Fear of the unknown


Anger, revenge


Media bias, propaganda

Bad past experiences

Upbringing, peer pressure

Christianity and Racism

Jesus treated all races equally – the parable of the good Samaritan (helped the Jew even though they hated Samaritans)

The golden rule

Christian churches openly oppose racism

Priests and


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