Irenaeus' Theodicy

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Irenaeus' Theodicy

Genesis 1:27 "Let us make man in our own image"

Irenaeus demonstrates in the use of Genesis 1:27 that we are here to develop our own unique soul. We have been made in the image of God but not as a God so that we have the potential to become like God. 

God has given us free will entitling the potential for evil. Which is Irenaeus' explanation of moral evil and why God has given Moral evil. Essentially he is saying that God giving us ready made goodness was not enough and wanted to test us and so gives us free will in order for the 'soul-making' process to work. 

He uses the example of a new born baby to explain this further.

"Just as a young baby cannot eat solid foods and only be given milk we are not able to receive pure goodness but free will until we are able to obtain pure goodness for ourselves"

the gift of moral perfection would mean absolutely nothing unless we did not learn the value of it ourselves.

Irenaeus states that we create moral evil by the misuse of free will. Evil did not exist until we misused our free will.

Free will to God is more beneficial than ready-made goodness.

To help remember this: 

Irenaeus believes God wanted the best for Human Beings - 

Ready made goodness = a ready made meal. It takes absolutely no effort - and is not necessarily the best for us it is just quick and easy.

Free will = discovering how to make a meal rather than buying the ready made -


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