Investment Model

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Investment Model

The main components of this model are;

  • Satisfaction
  • Quality of Alternatives
  • Investment


  • As with social exchange theory, satisfaction is the product of the outcomes of a relationship
  • The outcomes are compared to a personal standard of what is acceptable
  • If the outcomes surpass that level, the individual is satisfiesd in the relationship
  • If they don't surpass that level, the individual is not satisfied

Quality of Alternatives

  • If there is a more attractive alternative (being alone or being with someone else), then a person may be led towards ending a relationship
  • If that alternative does not exist, they may maintain the relationship


  • Investment is anything a person puts into a relationship that they will lose if the relationship ends (time, money, mutual friends)

Research Support

  • Rusbult tested this theory by asking college students in heterosexual and homosexual relationships to complete questionairres over a 7 month period


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