introduction to population and resources


definitions of birth rate, death rate, fertility rate and infant mortality rate

  • birth rate: the number of children born per 1000 per year
  • death rate: the number of deaths per 1000 per year
  • fertility rate: the average number of children a woman gives birth to in her lifetime.
  • infant mortaility rate: number of deaths of children in their first year, per 1000 live births.

calculating population change

population change is calculated by birth rate minus death rate, plus or minus net migration. net migration is in-migration minus out-migration. 

population change= (BR-DR) +/- net migration

difference between birth rate and fertility rate

birth rate is based on how many children are born per 1000 per year in a country whereas fertility rate is how many children a woman has in her lifetime. birth rate is based on average per…


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