Introduction to Pharmacology

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Introduction to Pharmacology

Pharmacology = study of drug action on the body, organs, tissues or cells

Drugs usually mimic/block endogenous signalling molecules

Endogenous = originating from within an organism

What makes a good signal?

  • Travel to target site
    Extracellular - Move through intercellular space or bloodstream (often hydrophilic)
    Intracellular - Cross membranes = small and hydrophibic
  • Made/altered quickly
  • Switched off/ reversible

Pharmacons Used (extracellular):

  • Hormones - H2O soluble, lipophilic, peptide
  • Cytokines - small peptides, short range, locally acting
  • Growth factors - affect growth/differentiation
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Pheromones - AAs, peptides, proteins and Fatty acids

Drugs are:

  • Usually organic
  • Frequently cyclic
  • Specific/non-specific
    Specific = bind to specific targets


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