Intermolecular Forces

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Intermolecular forces are attractive forces btw molecules. These forces are normally weak attractive forces.

      1. dipole-dipole forces

      2. temporary dipole-induced dipole forces

      3. hydrogen bonding forces

The term Van der Waals forces include dipole-dipole forces & temporary dipole-induced dipole forces. Van der Waals forces are the weak attractive forces that occur in a large no. of substances including noble gases & halogens.

Dipole-dipole forces

  • Occur btw polar molecules.
  • Resulting from the tendency of polar molecules to align themselves.
  • +ve end of one molecule is near the -ve end of another.

Temporary dipole-induced dipole forces

  • Occur in a non-polar molecule (Br2, I2, Cl2, CH4) / an individual atom of noble gases
  • Evenly distributed. However, distribution may…


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