Input Devices

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A Joystick can Input Movement:

  • These are mainly used to play computer games- but they can also be used to move a computer-controlled device such as a robot or a hosptial scanner
  • The joystick is fixed t a base but can be oved in any direction. Sensors oncert the movement into coordinates, which tell the computer how to move the screen display or robot device

Scanners Convert Images into Digital Data:

  • A scanner works a bit like a fax machine. A picyure is passed through the scanner and is converted into digital data- light and dark parts of the picture are given different codes. The computer then builds up a map of the information based on these individual bits of data
  • A problem is that these bitmap files can be very large and so take up a lot of memory. A benefit is that the scanned image can be manipulated and edited easily and quickly
  • Small scanners are usually hand-held. Larger flat-bed scanners fit onto a work-top

OCR Scanners can Read Text

  • OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR software rakes the acanned digital…


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