Input Devices

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An input device is any hardware which is used to enter data into the computer system

Qwerty Keyboards

  • QWERTY keyboards are the most common type of keyboards. The name comes from the first row of letters on the keyboard
  • Each key is conected to a switch which closes when yhe key is pressed. This sends a signal to the CPU based on the characters ASCII code
  • Qwerty keybaords are based on the way typewriters were designed
  • A problem is that keying in can be slow unless the user has been trained or knows how to type

Concept Keyboards are faster but more limited

  • Concept keyboards are typically found in shops and restaurants. Each switch has a symbol (or word) on it, representing a piece of data (e.g. the price) stored in the computer
  • For example, if you go to a fast-food restaurant and order a bacon-double-turnip burger, the assistant will press the picture of that burger. The CPU then tells a display panel to show the correct price and sends a message to the kitchen and stock control.

Mouses and the like... A mouse has…


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