Inorganic Chemistry 8.1



Group 1 - Alkali Metals 

Group 2 - Earth Alkali Metals 

Group 7 - Halogens 

Group 8/0 - Noble Gases

History of the periodic table 

Credit for the final version of the periodic table goes to Dimitri Mendeleev. He realised there were undiscovered elements so left gaps in his periodic tableand theorised the properties of these elements, when he correctly  deduced them people began to believe his  thoery and accepted his verison of the periodic table. He arranged the elements so that similar elemsnts lines up in columns.

Blocks of the periodic table

The periodic table is arranged into four blocks. S - P - D - F

The S block is group one and two.

The P bock is groups three to eight.

The D bock…


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