Injunctions of 1559

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The injunctions  of 1559 

Elizabeth I wanted 2 establish a protestant religious settlement , which still had links to Catholicism 4 stability of crown

Royal Injunctions of 1559 = set of instructions aiming to establish a pattern of worship based on the framework of the Act of Uniformity.

Attacked certain Catholic practices i.e. Pilgrimages were banned  + monuments 2 fake images destroyed although not all I.e. images not banned in church 

Under injunctions clergy were 2 observe + teach Royal Supremacy + to dismantle the idea that the pope had been usurped from his position as head of the church.

Recusants denounced to Privy Council or Justices of the Peace 

No preaching to take place without permission which meant having 2 get licence from the authorities – preaching restricted to those who had Master of arts degree 

Even at Oxford diocese less than half the clergy had a MOA degree 

Normal clergy were stuck 2 reading books on prepared pastoral advice + trying to get better educated clergy…


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