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A long term plan in order to achieve the aim of an organisation which is what they wish to achieve.

Technology life cycle

  • Research and development - invested then built, expensive stage
  • Ascent Phase - costs are recovered by the effiency of the system, less waste etc. Savings start
  • Maturity Phase - works well, generate more income by information access
  • Decline - out of date, maintance costs high, benefits fall

Future Proofing

Systems have to be able to cope with increasing demands, can be done by-

  • large amounts of storage
  • scalable networks to add extra servers and terminals
  • high processing power for demanding applications
  • applicants independant of OS
  • data stored seperate to applications

Corporate Strategy

Has commerical benefits, software is regularly updated, functional till staff struggle, expensive to maintain old systems.

Information Over Time

Need to backup, systems need to be able to be searched for archieved data to cut down costs and


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