Influencing change

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Influencing change

1. How can people influence change?

People can influence change in many ways, but the first thing that could be done in order to achieve high and be successful is being determined to make the change. Showing the determination show that you are willing to be part of the change and other people who feel passionate about the campaign that you are doing will join in too. You can also be a role model in order to help make a change too. Furthermore, you can also contact the elected representatives that are in your local area to help you with the progress in your campaign. Getting someone in power to be on your side can help a lot as more people will become aware of your campaign and would want to help out. You can also form a pressure group in order to get the government to hear your views. Pressure groups are a group of people that try to make a change the public’s opinion or the government’s policy in order to show their own views and beliefs.

2. Why is change not always welcomed by everyone?

Because some people feel that change is a big step into something new and some people feel that a change can mean that things go wrong. Changing the policy of being given EMA to 16 year olds who are full education shows that not many people…




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