Influences on Taking Part in Physical Activity

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Influences on Taking Part in Physical Activity

1.) People

Most people's choice of activity is, to an extent, influenced by others. People tend to choose the same activities as friends or family, for example, children will follow their parents footsteps. As well, it is much easier to succeed in any activity with the encouragement and support of friends. Not to mention role models. Successful sportsmen and sportswomen, such as Jessica Ennis or David Beckham, are often in the media spotlight and may become role models and inspire others to take up in the same sport. 

2.) Image

Many activities require the right equipment - like boots are needed to play football - and some brands of sport equipment can be very fashionable. Sales of sport equipments will vary depending on the time of year. Tennis equipment will go on sale around Wimbledon fortnight, and fitness clothing sales increase around New Year. These sales persuade people to buy the items and to join in with the sport. Also, many competitors are inspired to take part in the London Marathon by watching it on the TV. In this case, the media has a strong and positive effect. 

3.) Cultural Factors

People with disabilities can take part in many activities, and resources and opportunities for disabled people to take part in sport are increasing. As well, age can effect performace and may also


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