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  • long fingers were seen as intelligence for 16th century females so they wore gloves which accentuate the fingers
  • corsets were also worn to nip in the wait and accentuate the hips and breasts to show mother figures


  • the inter-war period meant media expanded which contributed to growth for popular clothing (from 1918 onwards)
  • magazines and literature was on the increase
  • by 1931, 1 in 3 homes had a radio so another way to advertise
  • people used to dress like their parents but thanks to new fashion, women began wearing what they saw others wearing


  • aimed at the middle and working class women
  • 'Womens Own' featured fashion trends as well as other topics like home
  • women became knowledgable about the latest style


  • the cinema was another important influence for fashion
  • feminine beauty and stylish clothing were viewed at the cinemas and people wanted that
  • in 1930 viscose was introduced (rayon in US) which was an artificial silk, bias cut was also discovered to present silhouettes
  • in…


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