Influence of childhood experience on adult relationships

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Influence of childhood experience on adult relationships

Bowlbys internal working model suggests that a child's relationship with its primary caregiver influences future adult relationships as it forms a template. Studies supporting this claim have shown a positive correlation between attachment styles and types of relationships, such as Hazan and Shavers Love quiz. A self report style quiz published in a popular american newspaper assessing early attachment styles found those who were securely attached were more likely to have loving, long lasting relationships whilst those who were insecurely attached had less intimate relationships with higher risks of divorce. Although findings are consistent with the  continuity hypothesis, the self report style of the study may influence demand characteristics leading to invalid results. Also, the participants volunteered to answer questions causing some form of bias. The findings may be hard to generalize to the rest of the population as the study was conducted in a Western country.Similarly, Feeney et al reviewed further studies looking into attachment…


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