Inferential Statistics

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Inferential Statistics- how good a supporting your hypothesis your results are

Type of data generated (Levels of measurement):

  • Nominal (counting, catergories) e.g. grouping people according to their favourite football team
  • Ordinal (ordering, sometimes called ranked data) e.g. list of football teams put in order of liking
  • Interval- using any public unit of measurement
  • Ratio- there is a true zero point and equal interval between points on the scale e.g. cm or seconds

Which test?

Chi-square test: Nominal Data, Independant Samples, Association.

Mann-Whitney U: Ordinal Data (non parametric), Independant Samples (participants allocated to one of two treatment groups,) Bar Chart

Spearman's rho: Ordinal Data (non-parametric), Correlation

Three Types of Design:

Repeated Measures- participants take part in




A colourful and highly useful set of notes, thank you Hannah.

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