Infant Sorrow

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Infant Sorrow


  • A baby speaks of its entry into the world, which brought pain to its parents.

  • It struggled against restriction, until it finally gave in

  • For Blake, fiend was not to be regarded as evil, but as an embodiment of energy and instinct

Language and Tone

'My father groaned, my mother wept' --> 'Groaned' and 'wept' → emotive, despairing... establishes a sorrowful tone. Ambiguity: are the parents upset by the birth itself, or by the dangerous nature of the world the baby has been brought into?

'Into the dangerous world I leapt' → active rather than expected passivity; energised; not phased by 'dangerous world'

'Helpless, naked, piping loud' → juxtaposition... Vulnerability, contrasted against strong image. Cacophonous.


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