Infant and childhood screening tests


Infant and childhood screening

Blood tests

  • congenital hyperthyroidism and phenylketonuria both seriously affect growth and development 
  • phenylketonuria tested for 6 days after birth - Guthrie test (heel *****)  - blood dropped onto treated card - looking for high levels of phenylalanine
  • thalassemia - child will suffer from anaemia and insufficient oxygen carriage - microscopic analysis of blood to diagnose

Dental examination

  • regular check ups to detect early signs of dental caries (decay)
  • advice given on mouth hygiene
  • dentist looks at each tooth with mirror and probe
  • looking for softness
  • may x-ray for cavitites
  • should be done twice a year

Eye tests

  • first test is whether baby looks at mother when feeding
  • pupillary red reflex test using ophthalmascope - cataracts


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