Industrial Revolution/Dissident in France

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  • The political Spectrum:
  • Old Tory and Whig parties became the Conservative and Liberal parties.
  • Emphasized rationalism, importance of individual happiness.
  • Role of state is to protect the freedom and rights of the individual.
  • Believed that human rights would be lost if government intervened.
  • Generally, reflected views of middle class.
  • Believed in value of traditional life .
  • More government necessary to control society and preserve general order.
  • Reflected views of landed upper class.
  • Gladstone and Disraeli were two of the most influential political leaders of the late industrial revolution.
  • Both advocated reform of social structure, as a result, some of the more productive governments came to power.
  • Enter Socialism:
  • Socialism grew as a reaction to the industrial…


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