Industrial revolution publick health By Hollie Dobson

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Date Event Brief Description 1786 Introduction of new machines The Introduction of machinery into the textiles industry had an immediate impact on the livlihoo of workers. No longer wre they skilled and highly sought after experts ina field, now a machine could perform the task in their stead. 1812 Workhouses The poor of the Parish of Bradford were catered for by a Workhouse prior to the Poor Law Amendment act. 1830-1836 Typhoid outbreaks Between 1830 and 1836 there were 4 major outbreaks of this disease. 1831 Cholera strikes! Cholera resulted in over 50,000 deaths in little over a year. How was 'King Cholera' stopped? 1834 Poor Law Commission The Poor law is examined and changed as a result of Industrialisation and pressures on the existing system. The source material looks at the way in which Huddersfield councillors reacted to the revised Poor Law. 1835 Municipal Corporations Act Town Councils were to be elected. The council was able to collect rates (taxes) to pay for street lighting, sewage disposal and fresh water. However an Act of Parliament would be necessary for each council to perform these tasks. 1837 Bradford Woolcombers Report A report written about the conditions faced by the Woolcombers of Bradford. 1842 Report on the conditions of workers in Leeds Dr. Robert Baker's report into conditions in the slums of Leeds. 1842 Report on the sanitary Condition of the Labouring Classes. Edwin Chadwick's landmark study into the health of ordinary people. 1844 Health of Towns Association This was a body that aimed at improving Public Health. It issued leaflets and lobbied parliament to improve sanitation. 1844 Health in Bradford Statistical evidence and contemporary accounts of health in Bradford in the mid 1840's. 1844 Health in Manchester A description of conditions in Manchester. 1848 Cholera returns 70,000 perish as Cholera strikes again. 1848 Public Health Act This


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